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Yacht Beach Owner's Manual


Thank you for choosing YACHTBEACH. Before using your new product, please take a minute to read the following warning and safety information. This manual is intended to alert you to potential hazards that may occur in all water sports.



Use of this product and participation in the sport involves inherent risks of injury or death. To reduce risks:

Always read User's Manual before use.

For max. 8 people with a maximum total weight of 700kg / 1543lbs.

This product does not protect against drowning.

Only for swimmers.

Not for the use of children under the age of 7 years. The product should only be used under the supervision of an adult of children over the age of 7 years.

Do not jump into the water from the platform.

Don ́t dive under the platform.

Do not use with offshore wind.

Do not use with offshore currents.

The platform requires balance. Always ensure a balanced weight distribution so that the platform does not get into an unstable position

Ensure the correct installation of your YACHTBEACH platform. Check the fittings and the right pressure of 413mbar / 6psi.

Never put wrists or feet through the handles or attached leashes.

Never put feet, hands or the head between the platform and the yacht or the fixing point.

Read and understand the owner's manual before use.

Use at your own risk!


Maximum fun and safety are important to us.
To reduce risk of injury or death please follow these rules

Equipment & Safety:

Check the YACHTBEACH platform and connections for loose fastenings, cracks, chafing or any other damages before each use. Also check linen, vests and accessories. Equipment with signs of use could cause injury and should be replaced immediately.

Observe the applicable federal and state laws. Be aware of local hazards and inherent risks.

The owner is responsible for safety and proper use of the platform.

For the safety of all people always check wave and wind conditions.

Do not use the platform under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

To consider the safe distance be aware that:
- Quick access to a person in the water from the beach is possible;

- A distance to the shore even an inexperienced swimmer can cope with;

- Distance within a zone supervised by rescue staff or an area marked as bathing zone.

Remove sand, dirt and salt water after use. Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning products. The platform may only be rolled together. Please roll up only in dry
and clean condition! Pay attention to the correct rolling direction when packing à always roll towards the valve. Use the enclosed bag for storage.

Maintain the PVC of the platform with appropriate products. Regular care and cleaning

guarantees longer pleasure with your product. The artificial leather cover should only be removed from the platform during extra cleaning or renewal. Each removing of the extra strong velcro strap might reduce the velcro effect.

The artificial leather top is resistant to UV, saltwater and chloric water, also tear resistant and waterproof. Beware of biros and non-colourfast clothes (jeans). Those are hardly almoust impossible to remove from the material. Do not use sharp or pointed objects.

To clean the artificial leather top soapsuds is suitable also as special care products for imitation leather.

For the right treatment of PVC only use suitable PVC cleaners and care products.

If you have questions about the product or these instructions, please contact us!

Point of Sports GmbH, Kapellenweg 31, 83064 Raubling, Germany. - - Tel.: +49 8035 963929

Limited Warranty: The warranty for this product is only granted if it is used properly and for its purpose! Point of Sports GmbH is not liable for damages resulting from improper use. This warranty does not include: DAMAGE DUE TO EXCESSIVE PUMPING, CRACKING, CUTTING, HOLES and CUTS CAUSED DURING NORMAL USE, products involved in ACCIDENTS, products used in RENTAL or COMMERCIAL USE, damages caused by IMPROPER STRENGTH or IMPROPER USE, any damage to the jet ski due to improper attachment of the eyelets, BLEACHING by UV radiation. For warranty claims, please contact your dealer!

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