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Shop our Summer Countdown Sale: All Aqua Marina Kayaks & Paddle Boards come with a FREE 10L Dry Bag!

Doomswell Board Warranty

Board Warranty

Doomswell Wakesurf Co. provides a manufacturer’s warranty against major defects in workmanship or materials, to the original purchaser, covering ninety (90) days from original purchase date.



  • Products used in rental or teaching operations. This warranty applies to products used for personal recreational use only. 
  • Damage due to excessive heat/sun exposure.
  • Damage caused by improper care, handling, and storage. While compression molded boards may be placed in board racks, we advise against putting EPS construction boards in the racks. When not in use, we recommend that EPS boards always be stored in a board bag (without fins). This helps protect the boards from accidental damage from dings and heat.
  • Pressure dings, cracks or edge chipping from normal wear.
  • Breakage from high impact maneuvers or hard falls. Because boards are subject to extreme conditions, there is no warranty for normal wear and tear. While not fragile, all EPS construction boards may dent or crack with excessive force resulting from impact with body parts during falls, starting/landing on the platform, running the board into the back of the boat, etc.
  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in the material and workmanship.
  • Any unauthorized repair, change, or modification made to any part of the product voids the warranty.


Doomswell Wakesurf Co. will make the final warranty determination.
For Customer Service to approve and process warranty claims, proof of purchase from an authorized Doomswell Dealer, along with pictures of the warranty concern, are required. To expedite the process, please have these items collected and ready for submission at time of claim.

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